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Quinn Is Happy to Have a Friend in Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorne has been busy in Paris.
Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer

Thorne and Brooke are catching up. He wonders why Ridge and Brooke never got married, and assumes it's Ridge's fault.

Ridge and Quinn are at Forrester. Ridge is happy with her new creations. Ivy comes in and says she loves them too. She asks if he's excited that his brother is in town.

Charlie brings Pam some lunch. Pam wonders if people can really change. She tells Charlie she ran into Sheila at Il Giardino. She tells him they had an interesting conversation.

Eric and Carter are eating at the restaurant. Eric is surprised to see that Sheila is still in town. She loves Los Angeles and wants to stay. She asks Eric if she can have her portrait back.

Thorne tells Brooke he doesn't know where Ridge got his designer talent since he's not a full-blooded Forrester. Thorne shows Brooke his designs. She thinks they're beautiful. He admits he started studying design after Aly died. He tells her he has a label that's selling. Brooke's so proud of him, she gives him a big hug.

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Ridge tells Quinn her designs make her eyes sparkle. He wants to design a dress around the jewelry piece. Quinn asks if Thorne is going to stick around. He asks Quinn not to talk about their relationship with Thorne.

Pam tells Charlie most people thought she could never change. He tells her that Sheila is nothing like her. Pam says she won't fall for her games, but knows what it's like to be in Sheila's position. She thinks Sheila deserves a second chance. Charlie tells her Sheila only wants a second chance with Eric.

Brooke tells Thorne that a silly kiss ended her impending marriage to Ridge.

Sheila apologizes to Eric for her behavior. She tells Eric that she feels Quinn passed the test she set up.

Quinn and Ridge admit they are happy their friendship survived. As they chat, Brooke spies from the door. She sees Ridge reach out for Quinn's sparkle-inducing necklace. She looks concerned.

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