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Sami Kidnaps Ben on Days of Our Lives

Alison Sweeney, Robert Scott Wilson

Alison Sweeney, Robert Scott Wilson

Lucas is drunk on a bench in Horton Square. Will approaches him and asks if he's okay. Lucas wants to know why he keeps appearing when it hurts him so much. Will realizes it's his drunk father. Lucas tells Will to go away and leave him alone.

Marlena tells John that Lucas is on a bender and doesn't know about Will. She admits she hoped seeing Lucas would jog Will's memory. She tells him that hypnosis didn't work either. She worries about what Sami will do next.

Sami has Ben tied up in his old apartment. She has her henchmen remove his gag. He tells Sami that Will is alive and he didn't kill him. Sami says she know all that, but he still took Will's life. When Ben keeps talking, Sami backhands him across the face. Sami warns him he only has one job.

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