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Perkie's Observations: The Real Jason Is Revealed on General Hospital

Griffin isn't thrilled with Julian.

Everyone gathers at the PCPD to get answers about the two Jasons. Diane questions Andre, who tells them about the brain mapping. Andre says Andrew believes he's lived Jason's life. He explains once "Jason" resurfaced in 2015, Andre was hired to keep track of him.

Andre says he knows who is who. He reveals BJason is Andrew and SJason is the real deal.

Julian shows up at Ava's looking for a place to stay. When Griffin appears, he gets a little snarky with him. Ava explains how Griffin helped her, so Julian offers the olive branch. Griffin isn't happy with Duke's murderer being out of prison.

Griffin says he can't find forgiveness in his heart for Julian. Ava explains the childhood Julian had with his father, but Griffin doesn't care. Ava wonders if he's asking her to choose between him and Julian.

Ava says she's happy Julian is out of prison and can't turn her back on him. Griffin says he respects her relationship, but doesn't want to play nice with Julian. Ava says she'll compromise so both men never have to interact.

Alexis tells David about Julian's release. She admits she doesn't know what this means for her. Alexis explains how she's been trying to help Julian because she doesn't want him to die. David questions Alexis' feelings for Julian.

Julian runs into Alexis and David. Alexis thinks Julian is following her. He says he's at the hospital to get his broken arm checked out. Alexis tells Julian again that she can't be with him.

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Andrew accuses Sonny of paying Andre to lie. Diane asks for proof, but Andre doesn't have any. Spinelli speaks up and says he has proof of Andrew's identity. Spin pulls out a photo of Andrew in his Navy SEAL uniform.

Spin explains Andrew went AWOL in July 2012, three months before Jason was shot. He adds the Navy has Andrew's fingerprints on file. Jordan matches them to the ones Andrew had on file with the PCPD.

Andrew refuses to believe it, saying Spin could have doctored them. Curtis convinces Andrew to be proud of who he is. Andrew says he has no memories other than Jason's.

Liz worries what to tell Jake about his father/uncle.

Andrew worries that everything he's worked for will be taken from him. He declares to Jason they aren't brothers.

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