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Liam Is Concerned About Steffy's Behavior on The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Steffy is sobbing so hard that Liam has to calm her down. He wants to know if she's upset because of Bill.

Wyatt walks into Bill's office wondering why he's in a thoughtful, melancholy mood. He thinks he's sad about losing Brooke. Bill tells Wyatt that Brooke is out of the picture.

Ridge is making plans for him and Brooke. She tells him she saw him with Quinn at the office. She wonders if they had a moment. Ridge explains he was talking about Quinn's necklace and tells her not to be concerned.

Thorne comes to Forrester. There are giggly models there to greet him. Eric just can't figure out what's missing on one of the dresses. Thorne steps right up with the right solution. When the models leave, Eric and Thorne talk about Bridge.

Steffy tells Liam she loves him very much and worries that he will leave her. He assures her he's not going anywhere. He wants to know if Bill did or said something to her. She denies it and pulls herself together. She lies that she's been concerned about Liam and Bill's relationship problems.

Thorne thinks Ridge is pushing too hard. Eric says he'll wait until Brooke comes around on her own. He reminds Thorne she's going through a hard time. Thorne promises to be there for her if she needs him.

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Bill can't stop having flashbacks about Steffy. Wyatt can't stop talking about Steffy, Liam, and Brooke. He finally leaves Bill alone.

Thorne and Eric talk about Aly. Eric says they all bear some responsibility for not seeing that she was troubled. He tells Eric it's time to come back. Thorne reveals he stayed at Brooke's and is quite content there. He tells Eric he knows what happened in Australia.

Brooke tells Ridge that Thorne is cooking dinner to pay for room and board. Ridge isn't thrilled that his brother is living with her. Brooke doesn't think there's a problem, but Ridge sees nothing but a conspiracy.

Liam leaves Steffy alone and heads to work. Just then, Steffy gets a call from Bill. She tells him she doesn't have the heart to tell Liam the truth. They both promise to keep their secret.

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