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Perkie's Observations: The Qs Argue About Andrew and Jason on General Hospital

Lulu gets some disappointing news.
Wally Kurth

Wally Kurth

Alexis tells Michael and Ned about the redistribution of ELQ shares now that Andrew is in the picture. She says the board can vote for a new CEO. Ned thinks they should buy out Andrew and Jason. Ned wants Michael to act in the best interest of the company, but Michael argues against it.

Amy directs Kim to her first OB patient and is surprised when it's Maxie. Amy again accuses Maxie of leaking the story to The Invader, so Kim kicks her and Nathan out. Kim overhears Naxie talk about Andrew.

Lulu meets with Peter August to get a job as a journalist, but he's not jumping up and down because of her lack of experience. He offers to look at a freelance story if it's a good one.

Andrew tells Sam about all the memories he's having that aren't his. Sam continues to assure him that he's the man she loves.

Olivia and Monica argue about the Christmas tree. Monica reminds her that she and Ned don't have to live there. Olivia says living in the mansion means something to Ned because he wants to preserve the Quartermaine legacy. Olivia wants Monica to see her as part of the family

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Monica is not happy with Ned's argument to cut the twins out of ELQ. Monica questions what Alan would have wanted. Ned wants what's best for the family and says Andrew doesn't care about ELQ. Monica and Michael disagree, and Olivia takes their side. Olivia says Andrew is a Quartermaine and the family needs to stick together. Olivia and Monica make up.

Kim shows up to talk to Andrew about Oscar. Andrew thinks it's about running into Oscar on the bridge. Sam mentions Carly's claim that Kim knew Andrew. Kim admits they knew each other briefly, but they lost touch. Andrew says he has no memories of her.

Lulu tells Maxie about her failed meeting with Peter. Maxie complains about Amy's accusations. Lulu's determined to investigate and get the story.

Nathan runs into his mother. He asks for her medical history and any information on his father for genetic counseling.

Andrew gets arrested for desertion. 

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