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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Steps In to Defend Andrew on General Hospital

Lulu and Maxie end up in the slammer.
Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Andrew waits to see if he's going to face a court-martial. He's worried because he doesn't remember anything from his past. Nathan and Dante try to run interference for him, but the Navy lawyer is adamant.

Julian stops by the mansion to see Leo, but Olivia reminds him that she has sole custody. Olivia wants him to stay away from the baby. Julian manages to convince Olivia otherwise.

Michael takes Rocco to see Santa and finds Nelle playing an elf. Carly runs into Nelle, who claims things will improve for her and Michael. Carly warns her to stay away from Michael.

Maxie and Lulu go undercover at the Invader to find out who outed Man Landers. The two find a pay-stub made out to Nelle. They get caught and land themselves in a PCPD holding cell. Eventually, they are released.

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Andrew assures Sam he'll find his way back to her. Alexis shows up to defend Andrew, claiming the Navy can't prove he isn't Jason. Alexis convinces Jordan to keep Andrew in order to get to Faison. Alexis hopes Andre can help them.

Curtis plays Santa to the kids. CarSon take Avery and are not happy when they run into Julian, who's with Leo. Sonny warns Julian away. Julian tells Olivia that he's going to be spending more time with his son.

Ned doesn't understand why Olivia gave Julian access to Leo. She feels she needs to do things differently than she did with Dante. Olivia thinks Leo needs to know the truth about Julian so that he doesn't end up resenting her.

Andrew asks Nathan for help in taking care of Sam and the kids if he gets taken by the Navy.

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