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Eric Reminds Thorne Who's Top Dog on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Ingo Rademacher

John McCook, Ingo Rademacher

Sheila fills Thorne in on Ridge and Quinn's kissy affair. She warns Thorne he should be concerned about Brooke's waffling. Thorne can't believe Ridge would betray their father again. Sheila promises to Thorne she had Eric's best interest at heart when she told him. She asks Thorne not to reveal her as his source.

Ridge is having lunch with Brooke at work. He says he has a surprise for her. He takes her to the steam room. He wants to kiss his future wife. Brooke gets irritated with Ridge when he trash talks Thorne. She tells Ridge she didn't tell Thorne about him and Quinn.

Thorne busts in on Eric and Quinn in her office. She leaves to so they can be alone. He tells Eric he knows what happened with Ridge and Quinn. Eric tells Thorne he and Quinn reconciled, and he doesn't want to talk about it. Thorne wants him and Eric to stand against Ridge's betrayal and tyranny. Eric reminds Thorne he's the top dog at Forrester, not Ridge. Thorne threatens to stop Ridge himself.

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Quinn runs down to Il Giardino to grab a pick up order. Sheila tries to talk to her, but Quinn rebuffs her. Sheila needles Quinn about working side by side with Ridge. Quinn reveals that Ridge is interested in Brooke. She tells Sheila she's a manipulative witch and warns her away from her family. She takes her order and leaves.

Thorne tells Eric that Ridge acts the way he does because he's a Marone. He warns that actions have consequences and Ridge will learn it the hard way, from him.

Quinn is eating alone in the CEO's office. Ridge comes in. He wants to know if Thorne is around. Quinn tells him he was with Eric. Ridge wants to know what this new, assertive Thorne is all about.

At Brooke's, Thorne reveals he knows what happened with Ridge and Quinn. He says she deserves better and cannot marry his brother.