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Jack Plays Dirty to Keep Control of Jabot on The Young and the Restless

Gloria has the best seat in the house!
Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman

Hilary stops by the Abbotts to see Jack. She wants Jabot to sponsor The Hilary Hour.

Cane finds out that Sam will be okay and may be home in time for Christmas. He and Lily talk about bringing Charlie and Mattie home.

Billy gives Phyllis a framed picture of a horse he bought. He named it Philly (yes, that happened). She is late for work, but they have sex instead. 

Gloria tells Lauren that Billy doesn't have a job to worry about and it's rubbing off on Phyllis. She comments that Jabot isn't the same without Jack at the helm.

Dina admits she called security about an intruder. She calls Hilary a "loud-mouthed, social climbing bitch" and wants her out of the house. Traci carts Dina off to the kitchen for tea. Jack and Hilary hash out a deal, but he wants her show to change its format.

Jack and Ashley communicate business deals to each other through Gloria's phone. She's only too happy to upset Ashley's apple cart.

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Scott tells Abby he's been wanting sex with her again. Abby wonders if he's making the right move with Sharon. Scott denies there's a match between them.

At Jabot, Ashley tells Hilary the deal is off because she's the acting CEO. After the meeting, Hilary calls Jack and tells him to get Ashley in line.

Phyllis tells Lauren she's been working really hard. Gloria tells her she's not fooling anybody. Lauren knows she was faking and explains she's concerned about her commitment. She's not happy with Ashley and Jack's tug of war.

Ashley calls an emergency board meeting. She lists off Jack's faults and erratic decisions over the past year. She asks for complete authority. Jack walks in, thanks to a heads up from Gloria.

Jack adjourns the meeting. He and Ashley bicker with each other. Ashley tells Jack that if their father were alive...Then, Jack throws it down. He reminds Ashley that John was his father, not hers. Ashley wonders how much he really meant when he said she was family. Ashley tells him she's more like John he ever was. She throws up when Jack took Jabot public, causing John's heart attack. Jack kicks her out of his office. 

Jack realizes Dina is missing from the reception area. Gloria brings her back from the lab. He tells Ashley to have fun taking care of her whilst he goes out of town.

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