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Perkie's Observations: Sam Turns to Jason for Help on General Hospital

Nelle drops a bombshell on Michael.
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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Franco sets up a romantic moment to get down on one knee and propose to Liz with a ring.

Andre and Drew hang out in matching holding cells. Andre tries to explain the reason behind his brain mapping, but Drew doesn't care. Drew accuses him of taking away his life. Andre tells him to explore who he really is.

Andre believes Drew doesn't want to know his past. Drew questions why he got Jason's memories and not the other way, but Andre doesn't have that answer. Drew asks if his memories are going to come back.

Sam reaches out to Jason for help, but Alexis isn't sure that's the right move. When Jason shows up, Sam says she needs him to help Drew. When the Navy lawyer returns, Jason explains about his disappearance and what was done to him was against his will. Jason says Faison is behind it and Drew doesn't remember his past.

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Maxie and Lulu confront Nelle with the proof that she outed Man Landers. Nelle tries to make herself look good, then admits she did it for the money. Nelle tries to convince Michael, but he doesn't understand why she did it.

Sonny questions Oscar's interest in Drew, but he claims he's only interested in the twin aspect. After Sonny leaves, Joss gets the results of the DNA test.

Liz and Kim share coffee and a chit-chat. Kim mentions how she knew Drew back in the day. Liz counters that she almost married him. Kim asks about her feelings for him now. Franco overhears them talking. He interrupts Liz and asks her to marry him today.

Michael accuses Nelle of preying on people. He says he can't be around her. Michael claims he's cutting all ties with her and she should leave town. Nelle says she's carrying his child. 

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