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Perkie's Observations: Drew Breaks Even on General Hospital

Billy Miller, Hudson West, Rebecca Herbst

Billy Miller, Hudson West, Rebecca Herbst

Sonny and Jason show up with guns blazing and find Britt, but not Faison. Sonny demands answers. Britt claims she knows nothing of her father's business. Jason tells Britt the whole story, but she continues to deny knowledge of anything.

Drew is released because of Jason's testimony. He's thankful he'll get to spend Christmas with his kids.

Carly complains to Kim about her Jason woes. Kim tells her Drew was arrested. Carly calls the station and finds out he was released.

Oscar decides he doesn't want to know the test results because he's worried about how his mother would react.

Michael doesn't believe Nelle's claims that she's pregnant. Michael wants her to take a pregnancy test. He heads to the hospital to see Kim, who confirms that Nelle is pregnant.

Carly confronts Friz about their engagement, questioning Liz's sanity. Carly mentions Liz's kids. Liz points out Carly's hypocrisy. Carly argues some more before storming off.

Drew and Sam run into Friz and notice the engagement ring. Drew says it doesn't matter to him since he's not Jake's father anymore. Liz thinks they should wait to tell Jake the truth. Drew worries that Jake will find out from someone else.

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Sam and Franco talk about their past. Franco thought they had a truce, but Sam says she'll carry the scars of what he did forever. Franco believes Sam will go running back to Jason. Sam counters that Franco wants to marry Liz before she does the same.

Drew and Liz tell Jake the truth, but he doesn't want to believe it. Drew promises to always be there for him.

Joss and Oscar run into Carly at the hospital. Carly tears a strip off Joss for breaking the rules, but Oscar comes to her defense.

Michael and Nelle tell Carly about the pregnancy.

Britt finally admits to Jason that Faison thought he was dead up until a month ago. Britt says Faison was betrayed by someone else.

Kim stops by to see Drew to tell him that Oscar is his son. 

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