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Liam Tries to Find Common Ground with Steffy on The Bold and The Beautiful

Maya gives advice to Quinn.
Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Liam reiterates that he is not accusing of Steffy of anything, but she feels like he is. He just wants to know what her intentions were when she left. Did she plan on moving out? Did she plan on coming back? What made her come back? So many questions.

Thorne pushed Ridge on Friday, but he's still on the floor. He's looking up at Thorne, taunting him. Thorne offers him a hand, but he refuses. Ridge wishes him luck in restoring decency and morality to the House of Forrester. Brooke comes in and wonders what Thorne did to Ridge. Brooke warns them her house is off limits to their rivalry.

Quinn is trying jewelry on Maya. She tells Maya that Steffy leaving a bracelet behind inspired her. She decides it's time to fill Maya in on some gossip about how she found it. Quinn seems concerned that Steffy lied.

Steffy is shaking, but Liam presses his agenda. He's getting upset that she won't tell him which version of stories he's hearing is correct.

Thorne brings up Ridge's betrayal of his engagement over Quinn. Brooke wonders why they can't see the good in each other. The men agree they share similar resentments.

Steffy says she's angry at herself and not Liam. She tells him she made a mistake and did something wrong. Liam asks leading questions to get Steffy to talk about why she was at the guest house. She claims she thought about leaving him, but not for long. Steffy follows Liam's lead and just agrees with him. Then, she apologizes. They agree to focus on starting over.

Maya wonders if calling Quinn's new line "CEO" or "Steffy" is a good idea. It may remind Steffy of that one night she had a marital problem. Maya thinks it's a good idea to consider a different name.

Brooke takes control and kicks Ridge out. He tells Thorne he has no talent and deserved to be in the basement. Before he leaves, he shoves Thorne onto the cushy couch. 

Thorne talks about their life-long dysfunction and what it was like to grow up with Ridge. He tells Brooke not to fall for his lies. Brooke admits she likes belonging to someone to have a partner and best friend. Thorne lays a kiss on her. Brooke looks at him with starry-eyed surprise.

It took some coaxing, but Liam gets a cha-cha-cha from Steffy, which I guess resets them to normal.

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