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Perkie's Observations: Andre Reveals His Motive to Anna on General Hospital

Anthony Montgomery, Finola Hughes

Anthony Montgomery, Finola Hughes

Anna pays Andre a visit in lock-up to find out why he didn't come to her and explain about the experiment. She wonders who made him do it and why he destroyed lives. Andre explains that he had a wife (it's always the wife) who he was madly in love with. She developed early onset Alzheimer's.

Andre swears he developed the brain mapping to help others in the same predicament. Anna offers to talk to the higher-ups on his behalf. Andre tells her whoever is in charge is powerful and warns her to be careful.

Jordan confronts Andre because he never told her that he was married when they were together. Andre says the marriage was dissolved so the wife's family could help her.

Carly doesn't believe that Michael is Nelle's baby daddy, but Nelle insists she's not a lying liar and has only been with Michael. Carly demands a paternity test which Nelle finally agrees to. Nelle points out that she hasn't asked anything of either of them and that it's up to Michael how much involvement he wants.

Finn lets Cassandra know the last of her tests have come back negative and she's got a clean bill of health. She notices that he's out of sorts. Finn claims he's working on another cure for something, but there's no money for research. Cassandra offers to help him which Anna overhears.

Anna confronts Finn, pointing out that she doesn't want him involved with this case. Finn says he'll do it with or without Anna's consent.

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Sonny and Jason continue to question Britt about Faison's whereabouts and whether or not the traitor is dead. Britt doesn't think so since her father still seemed agitated before he took off. Jason finds a partially burnt manuscript in the fireplace. Britt says Faison used the pen name PK Sinclair back in the day, but someone sent him the script and it upset him.

Kim explains she and Drew were only together for a few months before he was deployed. It was weeks after he left before she found out she was pregnant and didn't think it was right to tell him.

Kim says she finally decided to contact him in 2013, only to find out that he had deserted. Kim says she doesn't expect anything from Drew, but that Oscar's a great kid. After Kim leaves, Drew questions whether he can have a relationship with a teenage son. Sam says he will start now and she will be in it with him.

Oscar decides to find out the results, so Joss tells him Drew is his dad. She mentions how this makes him related to the Quartermaines. Oscar gets overwhelmed by the news.

Carly is certain Nelle is lying, but Michael says there is a good chance the baby is his which means Nelle will be a part of their lives.

Jason thinks Drew can help them find out who the traitor is. Sonny points out that Drew doesn't have his memories. Jason reminds Sonny that Andre said he had a record of Drew's memory, and wonders if he can give it back. 

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