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Perkie's Observations: Finn Works Out a Plan with Anna on General Hospital

Lulu makes a surprising discovery.
Michael Easton

Michael Easton

Carly tells Bobbie about Nelle's pregnancy. She adds that Michael won't want to walk away from her. Carly wants Bobbie to tamper with the paternity results. Bobbie points out to Carly the truth will come out and Michael will be angry with her.

Carly feels Nelle with use the baby as leverage and worm her way back into Michael's life. Carly thinks this is payback for her own sins. Bobbie tells her to focus only on the baby.

Michael tells Dante about the baby and questions how he'll get through dealing with Nelle. Dante points out that Sonny loves Avery despite his hatred for Ava, and the baby is the only thing that matters. Dante promises the family will be there for Michael and the baby.

Laura talks to Lulu about the redevelopment of the Charles Street area. Lulu wonders why she's not planning her wedding to Kevin. Laura says they've both done the big event before, and they want something cozy and intimate this time.

Finn and Cassandra meet for breakfast. He spends his time complaining about the hospital and the need for life-changing treatment. Cassandra says she's going to find a way to fund him, but Finn wants time to think about it before accepting her offer.

Sonny meets with Anna to tell her about Faison's latest visit, which spooks her. Sonny gives her the burnt manuscript. Anna says she can't get involved and warns him Faison is dangerous.

Nina runs into Nelle having breakfast at the Metro Court and chastises her for outing Nathan for money. Nelle doesn't care. She lets it slip that she's pregnant, then snarks about how Nina can't have children.

Nathan and Britt reunite while she's in holding. She says she was tired of running with Faison and decided to turn herself in. (Remind me again, what heinous crime Britt did commit?) Nathan tells her about his and Maxie's pregnancy, and mentions that he's trying to get his medical history from Liesl.

Finn runs into Anna and updates her on the latest with Cassandra. Anna acts like she has no choice but to let him do what he wants. When Finn gets back to his room, he finds his key doesn't work. He checks in with Carly. She informs him he checked out of his room, which is news to Finn.

Finn sees Anna holding out a key. She tells Finn if he's determined to help with the case against Cassandra, she's responsible for him. Finn says he can take care of himself, but Anna disagrees. She tells him he's moving in with her for his safety.

Sonny runs into Nelle. She's quick to tell him her news, which he doesn't believe. Carly arrives and admits to Sonny that Michael may be the baby daddy.

Nina and Charlotte meet Lulu in the park for a visit with Santa. Nina and Lulu make small talk, mostly about Nelle's news. Charlotte returns with her list for Santa, which is written on used paper. Lulu questions where she got it. Charlotte says she found it at Wyndemere. The paper is an old, official ballot. (It looks like the tainted mayoral race story is coming back.)

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