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Brady Shades Sonny on Days of Our Lives

Marlena has a message for Sami.
Eric Martsolf, Freddie Smith

Eric Martsolf, Freddie Smith

Hope and Rafe are basking in the afterglow of their reunion. Hope is positively giddy she's wearing her engagement ring again. She yammers on about them having no secrets, and an open, honest relationship. Rafe is busy thinking about his hot night with Sami. Hope read his lack of emotion and wonders if he's hiding something.

Eve runs into Gabi in the square. Gabi is a little cool at first, but then they talk about Eduardo, Deimos, and the pain of losing Paige. Once the conversation starts flowing, Eve tells Gabi she has an offer for her.

Sonny is trying to get Will on the phone without success. Brady comes in and listens to the voicemail he leaves. Sonny comments that Will is busy. Brady takes the opportunity to throw some shade at him. Meanwhile, Paul is waiting for Sonny to come around.

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Sami stops by Marlena's to drop off some Christmas gifts. Marlena accepts them, then gives Sami a message.

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