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Perkie's Observations: Ava Bonds with Nelle on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Maura West

Chloe Lanier, Maura West

The Corinthi and Nelle sit to discuss the next nine months. Michael offers to pay all of her medical expenses and draw up a fair custody agreement. He says he will only support his child. This is not acceptable to Nelle, who needs money, but doesn't want to get a job.

Nelle warns that she'll leave town and Michael can be a daddy from a distance. She says they need to do better.

Ned's still concerned about the effects of the two Jasons on ELQ. Monica, on the other hand, is happy to have one more Quartermaine around. She thinks they all need to find a way to coexist.

Sam stops by to see Monica because she's worried about Drew. She tells Monica that Drew needs her support. Monica promises to contact him today. Sam tells her about Oscar, which makes Monica happy.

Monica says Sam hasn't mentioned Jason and questions whether Drew should go back to his other family (say what?). Monica says it would free up Sam to be with Jason. Sam says she loves Drew, and while she has memories with Jason, she's not sure what to do with that.

Jason meets with Drew and gives him an update on Faison, who was in town yesterday. Drew's worried about Sam, but Jason says Faison has no interest in her or the kids. He says Faison thought Jason was dead, but was double-crossed.

Jason says whoever had Drew for three months might know more than he thinks. Drew says every memory he has are Jason's. Jason counters that while Drew might have his memories, he's made different choices and the memories could still be in there.

Drew says he has no way to access them. While he has sympathy for Jason coming back to an empty life, Drew has had everything he knows stripped away from him. Drew offers his help in finding Faison.

Ava and Julian hang out and discuss how Griffin doesn't want to be around Julian. Ava promises she'll be there for her brother because family sticks together, but will keep the two men separated.

Kim explains to Oscar about her past with Drew. She thinks he should get to know his father. She says she'll support whatever decision Oscar makes, but pushes him to get to know Drew. Oscar's worried that Drew won't want a teenage son or won't like him.

Michael warns his parents he doesn't want a legal battle. After he leaves, Sonny informs Carly if it comes down to that, he will take action against Nelle.

Michael tells Monica, Ned, and Olivia that he's about to be a father. Monica tells them Oscar is Drew's son. She's happy with all the new Quartermaines coming out of the woodwork, but Ned looks less than thrilled.

Ava runs into Nelle, who announces her pregnancy. She admits things are rocking with the Corinthi. She worries that it might end up being just her and the baby. Ava has a proposition for her.

Jason runs into Sam at the docks. When she goes to leave, Jason asks her to stay and talk.

Kim gets a suspicious phone call.

Drew pays Oscar a visit.