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Nikki Drops a Bombshell on Victoria on The Young and the Restless

Melody Thomas Scott, Amelia Heinle

Melody Thomas Scott, Amelia Heinle

Nikki meets Victoria for coffee. Victoria says whoever bought the land is keeping quiet. She tells Nikki that J.T. was brought in to investigate Victor's personal accounts. Nikki doesn't believe there is anything to find.

Sharon's on to Scott's trick of leaving early to avoid conversation. She wants to know what's going on with him. They're interrupted by Mariah and Faith. Faith continues to give Scott the cold shoulder.

Mariah tells Nick that Faith has cooled down toward Scott. Nick reminds her Faith struggled with him and Chelsea at first. Later, Faith doesn't come clean with him about what she knows.

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Victoria tells Billy he should bring Phyllis over to spend some quality Christmas time with their kids. She admits she's somewhat relieved she isn't running her own company right now.

Nikki confesses to Jack she may have overplayed her hand with Victor. He advises her to find someone to confide in to help her stay ahead of the game.

Faith admits to Mariah she may be in trouble for going to the park without permission. Faith eventually tells Mariah she saw Scott kissing Abby.

Sharon worries Scott may have moved in without understanding what it means. They hash out his past and feelings. Scott tells Sharon he loves her and he will forever.

Nikki catches up with Victoria at Newman. She confides to Victoria she moved all of Victor's money into an offshore account and worries J.T. will find out.