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Perkie's Observations: Monica and Kim Catch Up on Drew on General Hospital

Leslie Charleson, Tamara Braun

Leslie Charleson, Tamara Braun

Finn's not happy to be living with Anna. Anna says she'll release him if he agrees to bow out of the investigation against Cassandra. Finn says he can get her the information she needs to put Cassandra away. He questions why Anna's backing off.

Anna admits that she cares about Finn. She says Finn is an asset to the hospital and is sorry she dragged him into this. She wants Finn to turn down Cassandra's offer.

Valentin warns Cassandra that his family is off limits. She tells him Finn will help develop the new product.

Lulu stops by Wyndemere and finds another mayoral ballot. Nina shows her a giant bag of ballots with votes for Felicia. Lulu says it's evidence of tampering. Lulu wants to investigate, but Nina says the ballots are private property.

Lulu thinks Nina's worried that Valentin stole the election, but Nina says he wasn't living at Wyndemere at the time. She points out Nikolas was. Lulu says Nikolas would never sabotage an election and leaves with the ballots.

Monica summons Kim to the mansion. She questions why the Neros have recently relocated to Port Charles. She feels it's not a coincidence that they've shown up in a town with a wealthy family.

Kim says she put Oscar's DNA online and came up with a hit for a possible match in PC. She thought Drew would be there and it would be a chance for the two to connect. Kim is not happy with Monica's interrogation and is not interested in their fortune.

Monica apologizes and asks for any information Kim has on Drew. Kim says he grew up in an orphanage and the SEALs became his family. Monica says she's willing to welcome Oscar into the family, but Kim feels it will be his decision to make.

Drew and Oscar make awkward small talk. Drew says he didn't know he had a son, but doesn't want Oscar to feel any pressure. Oscar says it was just him and his mother, and things were fine so Drew agrees to back off.

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Jason stops Sam from leaving. She tells him that Drew has been exonerated thanks to Jason's testimony. Sam apologizes, saying it wasn't fair of her to ask Jason to do this. She admits she didn't pay attention to what Jason has gone through, but she loves Drew.

Sam asks about Sonny. Jason explains what happened with Faison and admit they don't know who the traitor is. Jason gets angry, saying he doesn't understand why Faison wanted to switch the brother's memories.

Sam talks about the night Jason was shot. Somehow, deep down she knew he wasn't dead and thought he had come back. She doesn't regret loving Drew. Sam suddenly realizes that her wedding ring is originally from Jason.

Laura wants to discuss her wedding date with Kevin. The two can't find a date in 2018. When Lulu shows up, they tell her they plan on getting married on Christmas Day. Lulu's ready to officially accept Kevin into the family.

When Valentin gets home, Nina asks if he tampered with the mayoral election, but he denies any knowledge. She smells Cassandra's perfume on him and gets angry. Nina wonders how much longer he'll need to make nice with Cassandra.

Kim comes home to an upset Oscar, who doesn't want to discuss the visit with Drew.

Cassandra calls Finn to ask if he's taking her up on her offer. Anna gets angry when Finn does so.

Anna worries that when Cassandra finds out the truth, she'll have Finn eliminated. Anna says Finn was wallowing in misery when she met him. He counters that she'd be hanging out with a cat if it weren't for him. Anna counters that plenty of men want her. Finn grabs her and kisses her. 

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