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Perkie's Observations: Liz Confronts Andre about Jake on General Hospital

Sam finds out she's not married to Drew.
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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Finn and Anna make out until Anna gets a call from Robin. After the call, the two don't want to discuss the kiss, but spend time wrapping presents for needy children. Anna finds mistletoe and the two almost have another moment, but back off.

Liz tells Franco that Jake is determined to keep Drew as his father and not acknowledge Jason. Liz is still concerned with Andre's role in the whole thing.

Julian gets hauled down to the station and is not happy about it. Jordan however, tells him that the DA isn't retrying his case. Jordan warns him to lead a better life.

Alexis wants Drew to do right by Sam. He wants legal information about the sale of the company. Alexis tells him that he and Sam are not legally married. Drew shows Alexis all of his legal documents, including a will, that now needs to be amended.

Drew tells Alexis about Oscar, then thanks her for all that she's done. Alexis says he's been good to Sam and that's good enough for her.

Sam says her ring belonged to Lila. Jason counters that Edward wanted her to have it. Sam tells him she isn't Jason's wife and that it's not her ring. Jason wants to know why Faison set this whole thing in motion and tells Sam that he'll need Drew's help.

Sam says they can't undo what Faison has done or get the past 5 years back. She forces Jason to take the ring back. Jason tells her to give the ring to Danny.

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Liz heads down to the station to speak to Andre about Jake. Liz tears a strip off of Andre, who claims that Jake has the tools to deal with this setback. Andre's about to tell her something about Franco, but stops when Liz waxes poetic. Andre decides to congratulate her on the engagement instead.

Kiki wonders what's bothering Franco. He talks about the wonders of Liz and how she doesn't deserve him. Kiki tells him to be honest with Liz.

Alexis heads out to a local pub to meet David, but runs into Julian. Julian tells her that he bought the pub.

Sam tells Drew about her run-in with Jason. They discuss the ring. Drew takes off his ring and tells her to give both rings to Danny. Drew tells her that they aren't legally married. Drew recites his vows with his new name and proposes.

Franco tells Liz that there's something he should have told her before now.

Jason asks Andre if it's possible to restore Drew's memories. Andre says he destroyed everything, but tells him there is a copy of both memories in a Christmas ornament that he gave Anna. At that moment, Anna's heading out for the tree in the park with her ornaments. 

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