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Perkie's Observations: Carly Believes In the Power of JaSam on General Hospital

Someone takes memories from the park.
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Kelly Monaco, Laura Wright

Kelly Monaco, Laura Wright

Franco admits to Liz he knew the truth about the two Jasons before everyone else. He explains about the forged death certificate and the paperwork from Andre that proved who was who. Liz spends about 2 minutes being angry, but Franco puts the blame on Jason.

Franco says Jason hates him and has influence over her. He feels Jason will never accept the tumor defense (neither do I murder hobo). Liz points out that this affects Jake's life too. Franco says he doesn't want Jason and Jake to hang out since it would mean Jake would find out the truth about him.

Liz says the lying has to stop and asks if there is more. Franco worries that she'll dump him if she finds out he pushed Drew down the stairs as a child. So, the lying liar continues to lie and swears that there are no more secrets.

Drew says he wants things to be legal between them and proposes to Sam. Before she really has a chance to answer, Oscar shows up. Sam takes the opportunity to head out. Drew says he was trying to give Oscar space, but promises he is interested in getting to know his son. Oscar asks questions about Drew's past, but he can't answer them.

Jordan tells Anna that Andre has been transferred. She's upset that she loved him, but had no idea what he was capable of.

Lulu summons Maxie to tell her that she's hosting a food drive. She needs her help in organizing it and getting the word out.

Sam tells Carly she and Drew are not legally married, and he proposed. Carly tells her to take this time to think about what she wants. In Carly's opinion, Sam wants Jason.

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Sam says she's in love with Drew. Carly counters that she can love two people at the same time. Carly feels if Sam does the noble thing and stays with Drew, he will know the truth.

Carly says Jason will survive without her and Sam is with Drew out of sympathy. She points out Jason is a victim in this. She feels it would be a mistake for Sam to stay with Drew. Carly says she'd rather Sam be with Jason, but she'll have Sam's back no matter the decision.

Sonny's certain whoever is behind the Jason switch is leaving a money trail. Jason summons Anna and asks her about the flash drive Andre left in the disco ball. Anna offers to go home and get it for him. Jason tells Sonny he believes Drew remembers more than he realizes.

Sam heads back to the office to tell Drew she'll marry him. He tells her about his conversation with Oscar and how it's not fair to get married right now. Drew says he needs to find out about his past and asks her to wait for him.

Carly tells Sonny that Sam will stay with Drew even though Jason is her soulmate. Sonny wonders why Faison did what he did.

Anna calls Jason to meet her in the park. She tells him that the disco ball got mixed up with the other ornaments and has gone missing.

Someone has found the ball and has the flash drive. (I call shenanigans on anyone other than Andre, who knew the flash drive was in the disco ball that ended up in the box of ornaments, and knew to head to the park to get it. Come on now, show.) 

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