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Perkie's Observations: Sam Proposes to Drew on General Hospital

Liesl tries to pull a fast one on Nathan.
Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Drew summons Jason asking why he went to see Andre before his transfer. Jason explains about the flash drive and says it's missing from the ornament box. Danny comes home and recognizes Jason from pictures at grandma Monica's house. Everyone decides it's time to tell Danny the truth. 

Maxie reminds Nathan they need his father's medical records. Nathan thinks Liesl has been lying all along about Victor Cassadine being his father because it was never confirmed. Maxie doesn't understand why Liesl would lie, and wonders who could be a worse father than Victor. 

Liesl pays Britt a visit in lock-up. Britt tells her she can get a reduced sentence if she gives up Faison. Liesl warns Britt that Faison will destroy her as punishment if she betrays him. Britt agrees not to say anything. She reminds her mother that Nathan needs his father's medical records. Liesl says she has the records ready. 

Alexis and Danny run into Julian in the park. Julian tells her he’s a free man because the charges were dropped and there will be no retrial.

Ava tells Griffin there won't be a new trial for Julian and he's going free. Griffin is upset since Julian will never pay for Duke's murder. Julian shows up and sees Griffin is not happy to see him. He decides they need to figure out what to do about their animosity. 

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Curtis congratulates Stella on her apartment on Charles Street. Stella says she's heard rumors they may be forced out by greedly landlords. Curtis gives her an art piece from Ava's gallery as a housewarming gift. Jordan shows up later, having bought the companion piece. Stella doesn't want both pieces. She says she'll return it and donate the money. (Because Stella is just that big of a biatch.)

Sam explains to Danny that Drew and Jason are brothers, and that Jason is his real father. Drew promises to always love him. Jason says he wants to get to know the child. Danny asks for a hug. 

Kiki's upset that Dillon isn't coming home for the holidays. She is also worried about her schoolwork. Griffin reassures her while it can be overwhelming, she won't fail. (Were they chem testing these two for a possible pairing?)

Liesl stops by to give Nathan a giant file of his father's medical records. (Is that a thing people do? Do they walk around with giant files full of their loved one's medical history?) Nathan goes through the files, but tells Maxie there's something wrong with them. 

Drew and Sam admit how hard it was to tell Danny the truth. Drew thinks he has nothing to give her until he knows the truth about his past. Sam promises he'll always have her. She gets down on her knee and proposes to him. Drew declares this as the moment they declared their love to each other.  

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