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Bill Wants a Paternity Test on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Bill wants to know if Steffy's really pregnant. She explains that it was confirmed by her doctor. She says it's a happy time for her and Liam, and they have wanted this baby for a long time. Bill scares her by reminding her it could be his.

Liam tells Wyatt about Steffy's pregnancy. Wyatt agrees to keep it quiet until she's farther along. Liam admits he's worried about being a bad father and another miscarriage. Wyatt assures him he will be a good father and to focus on the positive aspects for his own good.

Brooke is shocked in a good way when she finds out about Wyatt and Katie. She thinks it sounds exciting to be sneaking around. She agrees to keep it quiet until they tell people on their own. Brooke tells Katie she hasn't heard one word from Bill. Brooke fills her on the goings on with Thorne and Ridge.

Steffy freaks out that it wouldn't be fair if Bill scored on the first goal when Liam couldn't after several attempts. She yells that the secret is killing her and she regrets not telling Liam when she had the chance.

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Katie advises Brooke not to put herself between two brothers. She tells Brooke she needs to be crystal clear with her intentions. Brooke agrees. She tells Katie to be careful because Bill always finds out about things.

Bill tries to comfort Steffy. He tells her the baby has to come first. He says they need to find out who the father is so they can plan ahead. He wants the baby to be with it's biological father. She concedes she needs to know for her own peace of mind.

Brooke comes home to find Thorne in her living room in a swim suit. She says she's happy he's there, but she needs to make sure he understands she's going to marry Ridge. He claims he does, but she says she doesn't want him pursuing her. She values him as a friend and nothing more.

Steffy calls her doctor on her cell phone and gets her right away. She explains that she needs to schedule a paternity test. Luckily, the doctor can squeeze her in today. Steffy tells him once the paternity of the baby is confirmed as Liam's, she never wants to talk about or remember their night together ever again.

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