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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Wants the Truth from Liesl on General Hospital

Ned wants ELQ in on the redevelopment project.
Kathleen Gati

Kathleen Gati

Julian and Griffin get into it while Ava tries to keep the peace. Griffin says he won't play nice with his father's murderer. Julian claims he didn't kill Duke and Ava's as bad as he is. Griffin counters that Ava is repenting and doing things to change her past, while Julian has no remorse.

After Julian leaves, Griffin says he worries that Julian will drag Ava back down the wrong path.

Laura asks Lulu to be her matron of honor and she accepts.

Kevin tells Dante that Mac will be out of town for Christmas and asks Dante to be his best man. Dante accepts.

Michael runs into Nelle. She wants money from him for her basic needs. Michael says she's living rent-free and he's paying all the medical bills. If Nelle wants more, she needs to get herself a job. Michael says he won't let her exploit him anymore. Nelle reminds him that the baby was conceived out of love.

Mayor Lomax holds a town hall meeting at Julian's new pub to discuss the redevelopment of the Charles Street district. Molly's surprised to see her mother show up, then gets angry when Julian does. Julian tells her he owns the pub.

Alexis says she won't support Lomax. TJ speaks up and says students won't be able to afford to live in the area if it's redeveloped. Laura speaks on the history and diversity of the area. She wants everyone to vote no.

Michael tells Ned he doesn't want ELQ to be involved. Ned counters if Lomax has her way, the development will happen and it would be best if they had the project.

Lulu talks to Peter about Lomax possibly stealing the 2014 election. Lulu then heads out to see Dante and show him the ballots.

Felicia stops by to see Maxie before leaving town with Mac. Maxie says she's worried about being a mother since she didn't have to deal with Georgie as an infant. Felicia tells her it's difficult and she will make mistakes, but assures her everything will be okay.

Nathan meets with Liesl. He says there are inconsistencies in Victor's medical file, but Liesl argues against them. Nathan says the file doesn't show that Victor was ever tested for beta thalassemia, even though he should have been since it runs in the Cassadine family. Nathan says he's been tested and isn't a carrier. Liesl assures him that everything is fine.

Nelle heads over to Ava's to ask for the assistant job, and Ava hires her.

Nathan heads to the hospital with the file. He runs into Griffin and asks him to look over the records. 

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