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Maggie Hopes Will Can Muster Up a Memory on Days of Our Lives

JJ finalizes his plans.
Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne Rogers

JJ thinks about his letters, especially the one he wrote to Theo. He claims he can only pay for taking Theo's life by taking his own. He plans on going to the square with the same gun to balance out the universe.

Chad and Abigail tease each other about what Santa brought them, but it couldn't top getting back together.

Will is at Jennifer's. Aunt Maggie questions if his memories are coming back. He admits he thought the house would trigger something, but alas, no. Maggie is just happy to have him home again. Sonny pops in and tries to go with the flow.

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Gabi is talking to Eli. She is in a dress as red as the poinsettias in the square. He wonders what he needs to bring to the Hortons, but she deflects because she has something to do first.

At the hospital, Eli offers comfort to Lani.

Jennifer calls JJ hoping he will answer, but he doesn't.

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