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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Kevin Need a Christmas Miracle on General Hospital

Oscar makes inroads with the Quartermaines.
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Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

It's Christmas Day in Port Charles and we're all invited to the wedding of Laura (Vining Webber) Spencer and Kevin Collins...

Maxie and Nathan arrive at the church and Maxie's quick to tell the couple they shouldn't see each other before the wedding. Kevin doesn't believe in superstitions. Bobbie tells Laura that Lucas (who?!) is picking up Lucky and Spencer from the airport.

In other parts of town, Joss buys a present for Jake on behalf of Jason and Jason heads over to Liz's to give it to him. Jake is not happy to see Jason (boy after my own heart!) says Drew is his dad and doesn't want Jason there.

Franco heads upstairs to check on Jake. Liz tries to explain to Jason how hard and overwhelming this is. She says Jake doesn't want to lose Drew since he loves him. Jason says he won't push Drew out of Jake's life.

Liz tells Jason about her engagement to Franco and how he needs to accept it. Jason says nothing changes the fact that Franco hurt Michael and Sam. Liz swears that if it weren't for the tumor, she would have nothing to do with Franco either.

Drew gets down on his knee with an engagement ring for Sam, who accepts his proposal.

Joss and Oscar exchange gifts. Hers to him is a book on Edward Quartermaine. His to her is a mixed CD and Walkman.

Kim arrives at the Quartermaine mansion without Oscar, who is not ready to meet his extended family. Monica says he'll always be welcome. Ned's not happy she invited the Neros, but Monica says she's not turning family away.

Drew arrives and Ned immediately wants to discuss how ELQ shares are going to be affected. Michael admonishes Ned wondering why he's being so pushy about ELQ lately.

Kim gives Drew and Monica a photo album of Oscar.

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Jason stops by Sam's with a gift for Danny who's already gone to the mansion. Jason spots the ring on her finger. Sam says she and Drew are getting married because they love each other.

Sam mentions the penthouse and promises to get out once the crazy has died down. Jason tells her it's her home and he's not taking it back. She's mentions Aurora, but Jason says Diane is drawing up papers to give them that as well.

Franco gets a card from Betsy wishing him peace and asking for forgiveness. Liz wonders what exactly Betsy needs to be forgiven for.

Sam and Scout arrive at the mansion just ahead of Oscar. Sam says she understands how he feels because it can be scary and exciting meeting everyone at the same time.

Drew's happy to see Oscar, but Ned mumbles and grumbles. Olivia chastises Ned telling him if he can accept Leo into his heart and family, he can accept Oscar. (Not quite the same thing since Leo is his wife's child and Oscar is his cousin's son, but ok.)

Drew and Oscar have a moment. Drew doesn't want to be presumptuous, but says he isn't going anywhere. Oscar begrudgingly accepts.

Back at the church, Laura and Lulu have a moment. Bobbie shows up and says Lucky's flight has been rerouted to Boston because of the storm. He and Spencer will not be there in time for the ceremony.

Reverend New Guy announces his wife is in labor and he can't officiate. Laura declares there will be no wedding unless there is a Christmas miracle. Lulu hears someone coming in and smiles because her mother's miracle has arrived.

At the mansion, Oscar spots Ned's guitar, which breaks the ice between them. Ned picks up the guitar and sings Silent Night. 

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