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Perkie's Observations: Lesley Comes to the Rescue on General Hospital

Carly gives Michael a history lesson.
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Denise Alexander

Denise Alexander

Christmas day continues in Port Charles...

Laura's Christmas miracle is her mom Lesley and boyfriend Marcello. Lulu wants Lesley to officiate, but Laura doesn't. Marcello offers to do it, although it won't be in English. Lesley translates.

Kevin and Laura say their vows, exchange rings, and kiss. After the ceremony, the roads are closed due to the weather so the group is forced to spend the night at the church.

CarSon and Michael discuss life without Morgan. Jason joins them and Michael wants to know how he became a Corinthos. Carly explains her history with Anthony, AJ, Sonny, and Jason.

Molly and TJ host their families for dinner, but their power goes out. They end up at the only place in the neighborhood that's open, which happens to be Julian's.

Ava and Griffin stop by the pub to give Julian a gift, and wish him well for the new year. Julian behaves like a tool to Griffin, which annoys Ava. The two leave, but are forced off the roads and head back.

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Stella and Jordan get into it about Thomas' death. Julian talks to Alexis, who gets upset by the unwanted attention. Jordan snarks out Ava. Griffin tells everyone to slow their roll and behave since they're all stuck there.

Stella and Jordan continue the snark until Curtis steps in. Everyone calms down long enough to enjoy the food.

Nelle shows up at Sonny's and falls in Michael's arms. She claims she had car trouble and found herself there. Carly prepares a room for her for the night.

Carly and Jason have a moment. She gives him a key chain and tells him that he always has a home with her. Sonny proposes a toast to Carly and Jason. 

I will be out of town without the Internet. The next update will be Thursday 12/28. Merry Christmas!

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