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Perkie's Observations:  New Year's Eve Descends on Port Charles on General Hospital

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It's New Year's Eve in Port Charles...

Jason tells CarSon that he's heading to Russia, to the clinic, to find out more information about Faison. Carly later tells Sonny she wants Jason to stay and work things out with Sam.

Michael takes Nelle to the hospital when she has another dizzy spell. Kim's not available, but Monica runs some tests. Nelle complains that she's constantly judged. Monica explains how things were when she was pregnant with AJ.

Nelle swears she hasn't been with anyone else. Monica says she needs to focus on the baby and that some day she may become part of the family.

Anna listens to Cassandra's conversations through the bug Finn planted on her phone. He complains Cassandra made a pass at him. Anna wonders if he led her on, but Finn says he'd never cheat on Anna, fake relationship or not.

Valentin's not happy to find Cassandra waiting for him in his house. She says she wants him to come with her and make an appearance at the factory. Valentin refuses to go, since he has New Year's Eve plans with Nina. Cassandra wants Valentin to eliminate Sonny, but he refuses.

Peter makes a toast to the Aurora staff. Carly stops by and spots Sam's engagement ring. Sam says she agreed to remarry Drew and have a fresh start. Carly overhears that Sam and Drew will be at the Haunted Star later.

Cassandra gets a call from the factory and once again wants Valentin to go with her. He refuses and throws her phone across the room. Anna calls Robert for a trace. The WSB finds the factory and raids it. Finn is thrilled that they've won.

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Sonny thinks Jason's heading to Russia to get away from Sam. Jason says Drew isn't handling his presence and is angry all the time. Sonny doesn't care. He says Sam is a big part of Jason's life.

Jason says Sam made her choice in choosing Drew and he needs to honor that. Jason talks about his boys and how Danny accepted him, but Jake hasn't. Sonny says Jason deserves to be happy and that means Sam. Jason says he can't give Sam stability and she picked Drew.

Maxie wants Sam to find an appropriate dress for her night with Drew and pulls out a couple from the Crimson closet.

Lulu thanks Peter for the opportunity regarding the Lomax story, but wants to follow up with a bigger story. Peter wants her to do a story on Jason and Drew, but focus on Faison's part in it. Lulu points out that if the WSB can't find Faison, how will she. Peter says Dante's a detective and the feud between Faison and Luke is legendary.

Drew heads to the hospital to wish Monica a happy new year and runs into Michael. He questions the paternity of the baby. Michael says they'll get a paternity test.

Monica tells Michael that Nelle is fine, but low blood pressure caused the dizziness. She feels Nelle is pushing herself. Nelle tells Michael that she's found a job.

Anna updates Valentin that the factory has been seized and that the only thing left is to apprehend Cassandra.

Cassandra's minion finds the listening device in her smashed phone. She returns with a gun and tells Valentin that he's leaving with her whether he wants to or not.

Carly makes another plea to Jason in regards to Sam. She pretends she gets a text from Sonny telling Jason to meet him at the Star.

Jason heads to the Star and runs into Sam who is all dolled up and waiting for Drew.