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Perkie's Observation: JaSam Kisses on General Hospital


New Year's Eve continues in Port Charles...

Sam realizes that the boat is on autopilot and shuts it off. However, that leaves it adrift. Jason contacts the harbor master, but since they're not top priority it will be hours before they get towed to shore.

Finn wonders if he should move out now that Cassandra's operation has been seized. Anna mentions that she's not in custody yet. After some back and forth he decides to stay, at least for New Year's Eve.

Cassandra has Valentin tied up and accuses him of betraying her and planting the bug in her phone. Valentin claims it wasn't him, but she has her minion beat him up. Valentin says he never had an interest in her operation and only wanted to spend the night with Nina since it's their anniversary.

Lulu overhears Nina, worrying about Valentin and worries about Charlotte. Nina gets a hold of the housekeeper and reassures Lulu that Charlotte is fine, but still has no idea where Valentin is. Lulu thinks Valentin is doing something illegal and Nina is covering for him. Nina denies the accusation.

Lulu tells Dante that she's gotten her next assignment, but doesn't give him details. She questions Sonny later about Faison's whereabouts and Dante figures that's her next story. He warns Lulu that Faison is dangerous. Lulu says Dante needs to accept her career like she does his.

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Drew's car won't start while he's leaving the hospital. Kim offers to drive him to the Haunted Star to meet Sam. They get stuck in traffic.

Sonny thinks Carly has done something to set up Jason and Sam. Carly denies it at first, but admits to getting the two together and disabling Drew's car.

Jason realizes Carly set the whole thing in motion. Sam figures Carly is trying to change her mind, but says she's with Drew because she loves him. Sam says she's changed in five years. Jason says it doesn't feel like 5 years for him and his only thought was to come home to her.

Jason's glad Sam's moved on, but admits that he misses her. He just wants her to be happy. The two find a set of Dominoes and play until Sam realizes Jason's letting her win so she doesn't' get drunk.

Cassandra's minion finds out that the factory was seized. Valentin says the WSB is coming after her and she should go underground. Cassandra figures out Finn and Anna are responsible.

Cassandra grabs Anna then comes back for Finn.

Jason and Sam watch the fireworks at midnight and share a kiss.