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Perkie's Observations: Jason Tells Carly to Back-off From Sam on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Steve Burton

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Steve Burton

New Year's Eve continues in Port Charles....

Finn finds Cassandra waiting for him and demands to know what she's done to Anna. Cassandra says Finn needs to do as she says or he will die. Finn continues to question Anna's whereabouts.

Cassandra's minion ties Anna and Valentin together. Anna tries to convince the minion to turn on Cassandra by pointing out the WSB will be after him. The minion warns them not to underestimate Cassandra.

Drew gets on the boat and finds Jason and Sam. It takes him a nanosecond to figure out Carly is behind this whole thing. Drew warns Jason to have Carly back off or else. Jason promises to talk to Carly.

Ava heads to the hospital to surprise Griffin. She finds Kiki giving him a hug and gets angry with them. Kiki counters that her mother needs counseling because she can't control her life.

Sonny wants answers from Carly, who admits that she sent Jason to the Haunted Star to see Sam. Sonny warns her it won't end well. Carly wants Jason to be happy since he's made so many sacrifices for them over the years. Sonny says it's for Jason to decide and she needs to live with it.

Nina worries about Valentin's whereabouts and heads to the hospital to see if he's been brought in. Kiki checks, but says he hasn't.

Jason leaves, but Drew is still angry with Carly's interference. Sam says Carly didn't get what she wanted because nothing happened with Jason. Drew spots the tequila and dominoes, and gets upset.

Sam says she's like a widow who has a past, but it doesn't change her feelings of love for Drew. Drew says he'll step aside if she wants Jason. Sam says Jason helped her become the person she is, but she loves Drew and wants to share her life with him.

Griffin follows Ava home and is upset she believes he's having an affair with Kiki. Ava says she wouldn't blame him and feels her scars will always be a barrier. Griffin tells her that he and Kiki have been working together on Ava's Christmas present.

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Griffin says he's been studying Klein's formula and Kiki has been his lab assistant. He says it might be possible to restore her face, but didn't want to get her hopes up. Ava is grateful.

Kiki agrees to meet Dillon halfway to celebrate the new year.

Finn warns Cassandra the WSB will get her. She pulls out a compact and blows drugs into his face. Cassandra says it's not lethal, but she will force him to make drugs for her while keeping him drugged. Finn attacks Cassandra.

Michael updates his parents on Nelle's condition saying she needs to lower her stress. Carly agrees they need to protect the baby, but she will never trust Nelle.

Michael tells Sonny he just wants to be a good father to his child, like Sonny was to him. Sonny says all that matters is love (and a meathook apparently).

Jason sits Carly down. He tells her that he will always love Sam, but she's happy with Drew. He adds that he doesn't want to hurt her. He asks Carly to stop trying to play matchmaker.

Jason shares a toast with CarSon, thanking them for welcoming him back home.

Anna manages to untie her wrists. She attacks the minion when he returns to untie Valentin. He heads to the Metro Court to find Nina.

Anna heads home. She finds Cassandra unconscious on the floor and Finn in the middle of a drug haze. 

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