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Perkie's Observations: Finn Gives Anna an Update About Cassandra on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

TJ and Molly want Alexis' legal help in going up against their landlord. Alexis says the landlord will likely get just a slap on the wrist unless they can prove that he did this to others. Curtis offers to investigate.

Ned and Michael discuss the Charles Street development and meet with Jim Harvey from Niagara Equities. Jim tells them his ideas, which Ned laps up. However, they don't thrill Michael. After Jim leaves, Michael and Ned argue about what's good for ELQ. Ned quits.

Julian tells Olivia he wants more time with Leo and tells her he's putting down roots by buying the bar. He says he's trying to provide a stable lifestyle for his son.

Jordan tells Anna that Cassandra has disappeared from her house and wonders what kind of operation Anna has been running. Jordan is not happy when she finds out the details. Jordan says she'll bring Valentin in for questioning and now she's running things.

Kevin discusses the possibility of Laura running for mayor while on their honeymoon. Laura is more interested in their vacation. Laura admits she doesn't want the job, despite Kevin's insistence. She says she'll continue to fight for the city, but not as the mayor.

Kiki shows up at Franco's. She's upset her flight to meet Dillon was grounded because of bad weather. Franco is concerned about his own crap. Kiki wisely tells him to deal with it before it interferes with his relationship.

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Liz is surprised to find Finn hospitalized with an overdose. Anna explains about the operation to Liz. Anna's allowed to see Finn and apologizes for what happened. Finn explains what Cassandra did to him.

Anna worries Cassandra will come after Finn. Jordan questions Anna's feelings for him. Then, she gets a call that Cassandra has been spotted.

Alexis explains the landlord situation to Julian, who offers to keep an eye on Molly and TJ's building.

Olivia tells Ned to run for mayor.

Liz comforts Anna and tells her she should go for it with Finn. When Anna checks on Finn, he tells her he killed Cassandra. 

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