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Sharon Confronts Abby on The Young and the Restless

Dina lets Jack know who's boss.
Sharon Case

Sharon Case

Nick stops by Sharon's to tell her he saw Scott kissing another woman, but won't say who. Sharon wants to know if he's protecting someone, but Nick tells her to talk to Scott.

Abby admits to Lily that Nick saw her kiss Scott. She hopes Lily won't look at her in a bad light.

Dina is thrilled she's running off skilled home nurses and threatens she will keep doing so. She declares she doesn't trust anyone but Jack and Graham to take care of her. Later, Jack takes Dina to Jabot.

Mariah tells Sharon that Faith caught Abby and Scott smooching. Sharon's not happy Mariah didn't tell her. She assures her daughter she's strong enough to handle whatever comes down the pike.

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Scott eventually comes home. Sharon fills him in on her news. He apologizes, but Sharon's not having it. Imagine her surprise when he admits to having sex with Abby. He claims Abby calmed his PTSD with some good lovin'. Scott wants another chance.

Jack and Lauren are talking business when Dina interrupts. She throws some hard shade at Lauren and Jack apologizes for her behavior. 

Chelsea meets Lauren at the athletic club with her boys. They have a ringside seat when Sharon comes in and confronts Abby. Sharon rips into her and doesn't care about Abby's excuses. After Sharon clocks Abby with her fist, Chelsea intervenes to break them up. When Chelsea returns to her table, she realizes Christian is missing.

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