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Steffy Tries to Get Liam's Understanding on The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton

Liam is blindsided by Steffy's news that she banged his father for the win. She just wants to move on and claims she doesn't remember what exactly what ha-happened. Liam remembers Bill's dire warning and wonders if Dollar Bill took advantage of her to get revenge on him.

Wyatt wonders what Liam did to deserve the Malibu beach house. Bill promises that Wyatt will get a benefit of equal value. Bill explains he just wants to give Liam and Steffy a place to raise their child.

Steffy explains her side of the story. She says Bill came by the guest house unexpectedly. She admits Bill did nothing to force her into sex. She says she was feeling in a trance-like state because she thought she and Liam were over. She apologizes for betraying him in the worst way possible and begs his forgiveness for the sake of their family.

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