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Perkie's Observations: Spinelli Works His Magic on General Hospital

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Bradford Anderson

Bradford Anderson

Finn explains to Anna that Cassandra drugged him, then threatened to do the same to Anna. He says he jumped her, but has no memory of stabbing her with the needle. Anna tells him that he didn't kill Cassandra because she was alive, but someone moved her from the house.

Anna explains that Cassandra's body was found in an alley and she's in critical condition in the ICU.

Lulu stops by the station to pump Dante for information on Faison. Dante's worried about her safety, though she swears she's going through the proper channels. Valentin is brought in for questioning.

Jordan wants to know about Valentin's relationship with Cassandra. He says their partnership ended years ago and he was working with Anna to take her down. Jordan tells him Cassandra is in critical condition. Valentin says he didn't try to kill her. Once he was released, he went to the Metro Court to find Nina.

Liesl and Nina are waiting for others to show up to help plan Maxie's baby shower. Nina questions Nathan's paternity again, but Liesl's not talking. When Lulu gets there, she tells Nina that Valentin is at the station.

Nathan knows about the DNA test and checks with Amy for the results. She says doesn't have them yet.

Spinelli's in town to meet with Jason and Sonny regarding the manuscript they found in PK Sinclair's name. Spin says the book wasn't written by Faison. He found emails between the publisher and the real writer.

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Felicia congratulates Lulu on her Lomax story. Lulu says she wants the follow-up to be an interview with Faison.

Lulu asks Liesl for information on Faison's whereabouts. She thinks he'll want to tell his side of the story.

Liesl overhears Maxie tell Felicia she thinks Nathan is afraid of passing his father's evil genes to the baby. Liesl questions Maxie, wondering why Nathan is still doubting his paternity. Maxie spills the beans that she had a DNA test to prove if Nathan is a Cassadine.

Anna heads to Cassandra's room and tells the unconscious woman it's better if she never wakes up. When she heads back to Finn's room, she tells him Cassandra won't hurt anyone anymore. Finn thinks that means she killed Cassandra, but Anna says she was released to a WSB facility.

Valentin heads to the hospital and finds Cassandra's room is empty. Amy tells him she was taken into WSB custody, but will likely never recover anyway.

Felicia tells Lulu if she wants to find Faison, she needs to check out Spoon Island.

Spinelli managed to recreate some of the burnt pages of the manuscript, which indicate the author was a father. Spin wonders if Faison had a son. 

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