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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Comes Clean With Nathan on General Hospital

Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, Kathleen Gati

Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms, Kathleen Gati

Sam tells Carly to back off because Jason is her past, and Drew is her present and future. Carly says she's trying to save Sam from the same mistakes she made with Jax. Carly says her first loyalty is always to Sonny. Carly tells Sam not to break Drew's heart.

Drew wants an apology from Carly for intervening in his marriage. Carly says she was trying to save him and that Sam still loves Jason. Sam assures Drew and says they need to make an actual choice.

Sam asks if Drew wants to know the truth about his past. Drew says he'll reach out to the Navy, but worries about his lack of memories. Sam wants to get married today.

Nelle's overwhelmed at her first day on the job and tells Ava that she's quitting. She says she knows nothing about the art world and only took the job because of Michael. Ava assures her that she'll get better.

Kiki complains to Griffin about her mother. Griffin says Ava won't be fully healed until the scars are gone. Kiki says Ava will be beautiful again, but Morgan will still be dead. Griffin thought Kiki had forgiven Ava, but Kiki says Ava wanted Morgan for herself.

The Scooby Doo gang decides that PK Sinclair is the traitor and Faison's son. They come to the decision that Liesl knows more about Faison's whereabouts. Sonny wants another chat with her.

Nathan confronts his mother about who his father really is. Liesl insists Victor is his father and wants Naxie to leave it alone. Nathan gets a text from Amy that the DNA results are in. Liesl is not happy, but Maxie says they need to know the truth for the sake of the baby.

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The results show that Nathan and Valentin aren't related, which means Victor isn't his father. Liesl admits she lied, but swears the medical records do belong to his father. Liesl refuses to tell them who daddy is.

The Scooby gang shows up to confront Liesl, but Maxie blocks them. Sonny insists on knowing about Faison's son, which spooks Liesl. Nathan figures out that Faison is his father. Liesl finally admits it.

Liesl says she knew Faison would take a male baby, so she gave Nathan up to Madeline. She says she was protecting him from Faison. Liesl hopes Nathan can forgive her. Nathan worries about what he's inherited, but Maxie assures him.

Carly shows up at the gallery and is surprised to find Nelle working there. Nelle lays it on thick about how wonderful Ava has been to her. Carly figures the two deserve each other. Nelle says Carly can't judge her. Carly warns Nelle about Ava.

Ava apologizes to Kiki for being jealous of her friendship with Griffin. Ava says she had self-doubts about her relationship. Kiki says she can't project her problems onto her. Ava swears this new treatment will fix everything.

The Scooby gang decides Nathan isn't PK Sinclair, which means Faison has another son they need to find. 

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