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Perkie's Observations: Laura Throws Her Hat Into the Ring on General Hospital

Ned will be joining her in the mayor's race.
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Laura stops by Liz's with gifts for the boys. The two discuss the Christmas Day wedding that Liz missed out on. Laura mentions how gun shy she was to get involved, but is thrilled how things have worked out with Kevin. Laura mentions the mayoral race and Liz feels she'd make a great mayor.

Olivia feels Ned would make the perfect mayor, but he has no interest in the job. Jim stops by to talk to Ned about the redevelopment. Ned says he's no longer at ELQ and Jim will have to deal with Michael.

Carly tells Michael about Nelle working for Ava and wants him to put a stop to it. Michael says Nelle needs to have a job and he's got a handle on things. Carly worries that Michael will fall for Nelle's games. He swears the only one he cares about is his baby.

Sam finds out she and Jason are still legally married. She calls him over to tell him she wants a divorce. Sam says he made her happy back then and she can never repay him. Jason agrees to the divorce because he wants her to be happy.

Molly complains to Alexis about her greedy landlord. Alexis reminds her to let Curtis do his job. Julian offers to help Molly, but she wants nothing to do with him.

Franco can't seem to get rid of the twin painting. Kevin sees him with it at the studio and says the picture makes him feel at peace. Franco on the other hand, says he has different emotions while looking at it. Kevin tells him to face those feelings head on.

Jim stops by the bar and makes Julian an offer, but he refuses. Laura walks in and talks to Jim about his plans. She wants them to benefit the residents, but Jim doesn't share her vision.

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Michael offers Ned an olive branch and apologizes for not respecting him. Ned mentions the redevelopment deal, but Michael is adamant that it's still off the table. Michael offers to have Ned run the South American division. Ned feels is beneath him and turns it down.

Liz tells Franco she wants to set a wedding date because she can't wait to marry him. After Franco leaves, Jim shows up at Liz's door looking for him. He says he knew Franco when they were kids.

Jason tells Carly that Sam wants a divorce. Carly proceeds to explain Sam's feelings that she doesn't know she still loves Jason. She compares their situation to her's with Jax and Sonny. Jason feels Sam is happy with Drew.

Sam asks Alexis to help her with the divorce, then mentions how she kissed Jason. She says she doesn't want to go back and they both need to let go. Alexis feels they need to let go for the right reasons. Alexis doesn't want Sam to marry Drew as a reaction against Jason. Sam says Jason is her first love and she'll always love him, but she loves Drew and the life they have.

Laura complains to Kevin about the renovation project. There is no plan to stop the developer. Kevin tells her she should.

Ned complains to Olivia about Michael. She tells him he'd be great as the mayor.

Laura and Ned both decide to run for mayor. 

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