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Graham Drops a Courtroom Bombshell on The Young and the Restless

Max Shippee

Max Shippee

Order in the court! The Abbotts face-off against Graham to gain control of their mother's destiny.

Traci and Ashley are at the GCAC trying to enlist Devon's help in getting Mergeron intel to use against Graham. He agrees and Mattie takes them to his office.

Jack confides to Michael that he's upset about making Dina's condition public because it will make her look like an easy target. Jack and Graham exchange heated words about each other's agendas. Michael holds Jack back from assaulting Graham.

Mattie helps Traci and Ashley get settled. She tells them there are more boxes of paperwork being brought up. When Mattie leaves, the Abbotts get busy.

Jack takes the stand. He describes Graham as caring, but manipulative. He talks about how Graham got involved with Dina to land himself a job. He mentions that Graham wanted revenge against her for stealing Brent from his family.

On cross-examination, Jack is forced to admit his relationship with Dina wasn't all that close. Brenda relates Dina's crimes while under Jack's care. Jack blows up and points out that Graham is exploiting Dina's disease and is wasting time they could be sharing together.

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The judge tries to quiet Jack down. Dina pipes up and tells the judge to leave John alone. She tells the judge to grant the divorce because she's not contesting it. Dina admits to countless affairs and abandonment. The judge calls a recess wondering if they should continue the hearing.

Traci tries to convince Ashley they have to get to the courthouse. Ashley thinks they have something to go on. They take a thick document and run out the door.

As the judge reconvenes, Ashley and Traci walk in. Michael looks at the document and enters it into evidence. It's a manuscript of Dina's memoirs. He says it shows proof of Dina's state of mind when she met Graham. Michael reads excerpts from the manuscript.

It reveals how Dina's shiny new boy toy lost his luster and left her questioning his motives. Dina wrote about her diagnosis and her longing to reconcile with her children. The judge recesses court to consider the manuscript as evidence.

The Abbotts are feeling pretty confident until Michael tells them that Graham is ready to testify. Graham takes the stand and declares the hearing a waste of time. He informs the court and its attendants that he and Dina are married, making him her legal next of kin.

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