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Perkie's Observations: Nina Conspires with Valentin on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford

Jim tells Franco he dated Betsy when he was a kid. Franco however, doesn't remember him and wonders why he's there. Franco thinks Betsy sent Jim to see him. Jim says he wants to buy Franco's art studio, which is in a prime location. Franco turns the offer down.

Jordan stops by Wyndemere to let Valentin know Cassandra's minion confessed. She wonders why Valentin visited Eric in jail. Jordan thinks someone paid Eric to confess, but Valentin denies any involvement.

Anna's ready for the New Year's celebration that she and Finn didn't have, and the end of their fake relationship. The two try to get to know each other and end up kissing. Anna gets distracted when she spots a broken clock on the floor. She thinks it means the wrong person is in jail. Anna walks Finn through the events of that night to get a timeline, then heads out.

Valentin has Cassandra's laptop. He deletes the photo she had of Claudette.

Ned and Olivia celebrate his decision to run for mayor. Olivia's ready to campaign.

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Kevin and Laura celebrate her decision to run for mayor. The four run into each other. Ned tells them that he's running for mayor and wants her endorsement. Laura tells them that she's also running. The two hold a press conference. Jim's quick to congratulate Ned and throw his hat into Ned's campaign.

Anna heads to Wyndemere and shows Valentin the broken clock. She says Eric was with them at the time. He couldn't have been the one to drug Cassandra and dump her in the alley.

Valentin points out he was with Anna and couldn't have done it. Anna wonders who he's protecting. Nina arrives home with Charlotte and Anna figures things out.

Jordan stops by Anna's and asks Finn if he was ever in Cassandra's suite. She says her laptop is missing. Jordan gives her two cents on Fanna's relationship.

Nina and Valentin discuss what happened on New Year's Eve. It turns out Nina went to Anna's that night. She fought with Cassandra and stabbed her with the needle. Nina confessed to Valentin, who then went to Anna's to clean up the scene and drag Cassandra into the alley.

Anna gets home to find a note from Finn that he's left.