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Wyatt Sides With Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful

Darin Brooks, Don Diamont

Darin Brooks, Don Diamont

Wyatt is floored by Bill's revelation that he loves Steffy. He wonders what is wrong with his father.

Bill admits he didn't sleep with Steffy to get even with Liam. He claims he thought Liam's marriage was over because of Sally. Wyatt blows up at Bill, who tries to calm him down.

Wyatt brings up Bill's recent deeds including the fire and nearly blowing up Liam. He reminds Bill about his family first mantra and wonders how he could do this to Liam. Wyatt tells Bill he is siding with Liam and walking away from him.

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As he leaves, Bill yells out he made a mistake that he regrets tremendously. He won't have Wyatt walk out on him too. He asks Wyatt to find some kind of understanding deep inside him. Wyatt stares at him as Bill vows to keep their family intact.

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