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Perkie's Observations: Alexis and Diane Square Off on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton, Carolyn Hennesy

Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton, Carolyn Hennesy

Maxie has a nightmare of Faison stealing her baby. Peter's there when she startles herself awake. The talk turns to Lulu. Maxie tells Peter he made a good decision to hire Lulu.

Lulu plans on doing an interview on Nathan in order to draw Faison out. Dante's not happy to hear this, but Nathan says they need to lure Faison out so they can grab him. Dante worries about the risks, but Lulu says she's doing it whether he likes it or not.

Diane and Alexis gather Jason and Sam for a sit-down divorce meeting. Diane brings up the apartment. Alexis counters that Sam and Drew need a few months to find a new place.

Julian calls the police when someone throws a brick through his bar window. Dante's not overly concerned and offers to have a patrol car drive around the block.

Curtis updates Drew on his investigation into Drew's past. Curtis has a yearbook from Drew's high school. Drew finds his class photo and isn't happy with his likeness to Jason. Drew mentions how he and Sam are planning to remarry, which Curtis is happy about. Curtis accepts the best man position.

Mac stops by to see Maxie, who tells him the latest about Faison and Nathan. She asks Mac's help to have them disappear. Maxie wants to go into hiding because it's not safe for Faison to find out he has a grandchild. Mac tries to convince her Port Charles is the safest place to be. Mac is certain Faison will never find out Nathan is his son.

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Sonny heads over to Julian's bar. Julian accuses him of throwing the brick, which Sonny denies. Sonny says Julian needs to repay a debt and tells him he'll be selling Corinthos Coffee in the pub. Julian balks at first, but Sonny throws his weight around and Julian has no choice.

Dante worries that Lulu will get into trouble and wonders how Maxie will react when she finds out Nathan is putting himself out as bait. Nathan says they can't spend their life looking over their shoulders and need to confront it. Dante says he has Nathan's back.

Lulu pitches the idea to Peter that she'll interview Nathan. Peter seems shook up that Faison has a son, but gets Lulu the green light.

At the divorce proceedings, Diane brings up ELQ shares and how Jason will retain his. Regarding Aurora, Alexis says Drew and Sam will repay in exchange for keeping ownership. Jason doesn't want repayment, but Alexis says it can't be accepted as a gift.

Diane mentions the offshore accounts regarding his profits from the coffee business and his personal trusts. She says Drew and Sam have been living off Jason's money for years and it needs to be repaid.

Sam gets upset that everything she has is because of Jason. Jason says the money never mattered, he just wants her to be okay. Jason signs the papers.

Alexis stops Sam from signing, reminding them that they need to deal with Danny's custody.