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Abigail Tries to Dig Up Some Dirt on Days of Our Lives

Lani and JJ talk about her decision.
Marci Miller

Marci Miller

Eve and Brady are smooching in the foyer. They want to take it upstairs, but the doorbell rings. It's Vivian. She tells Brady that her business will bury him.

JJ overhears Lani talking about her pregnancy on the phone. He's very excited to find out he's going to be a daddy. Later, he wonders if Lani's considering an abortion. She admits she's not ready to have a baby. When JJ makes it about him, she firmly tells him he wasn't factored into her decision.

Theo's recovery runs into complications. He has to leave Salem to participate in a clinical trial.

Stefan wants Abigail to make a press release announcing him as the new CEO. He acts sensitive about Abigail's barbs about Stefano. When he presses her about her father, she apologizes and backs off. She wants to know why he came to Salem to sit in the CEO's chair.

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Brady threatens Vivian if she harms Maggie, he will deal with her directly. When she moves toward the living room, he pulls her away and quiets her by putting his hands around her throat.

Kate stops by Gabi's to make sure she doesn't have any regrets about her decision.

Lani tells JJ she loves him. He asks her to reconsider her decision.

Vivian pops in to visit Andre. She trash-talks John, but Andre warns her he's good at figuring things out. He doesn't want John to uncover their unsavory connection.

Chad reluctantly accepts his brother's handshake.