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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Worries About Her Safety on General Hospital

JaSam's divorce is official.
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Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms

Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms

Alexis and Diane argue the merits of Danny's custody. Alexis questions why Jason wouldn't remove himself from Danny's life as he did with Jake. Sam says they've already told Danny the truth and won't limit his position in Jason's life. Sam signs the divorce papers.

At the gym, Oscar asks Drew to teach him how to fight. He claims a friend is being bullied. Drew tells him that fighting is the last option.

Lulu interviews Nathan and says it will likely be published tomorrow. Nathan worries about Maxie.

Maxie tells Nina she's worried about the baby and tells her about Nathan's paternity. Nathan shows up and tells them the news will be in the paper tomorrow. Maxie and Nina get angry, but Nathan says he has to deal with his father now. Nina worries about Maxie's safety. Maxie asks Nathan not to do this.

Joss isn't happy with the dress Carly picked out for the dance. Sonny tells Carly to let Joss wear the dress she wants. Sonny tells her not to be so controlling with the kids.

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Joss shows Carly her dress, which mom finds too skimpy. Carly says the way she dresses can be taken the wrong way.

Kim finds herself at the pub, chatting up Julian. Alexis and Diane show up and don't look pleased.

Lulu shows Peter the article and he loves it. Nathan calls Lulu and tells her to pull the interview. Lulu says it's already on the website and there's no going back.

Sam gets angry with Alexis for bringing up the issue of Danny's custody. Sam says she wants Jason in Danny's life and tells her mother to stay out of it.

Sam tells Drew her divorce is final, but there is an issue with custody. They both agree to do what's best for Danny.

Carly finds condoms in Joss' backpack.

Spinelli says he has Sinclair's email address, so the three stooges decide to send him an email.