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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Has Regrets About Her Article on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan

Emme Rylan

Maxie's upset with Lulu and Nathan for the article, which can't be removed online. She believes Faison will come after the baby and accuses Lulu of thinking of her career over their friendship. Peter overhears and comes to Lulu's defense. However, Lulu starts having regrets.

The three stooges get a response from the traitor and continue a dialogue with him. Diane stops by and lets them know about Nathan's interview. Spin worries about Maxie's health and runs out.

Carly heads to the hospital to speak with Kim about the condoms. Instead, she runs into Bobbie who tries to calm her down. Bobbie says Carly needs to speak with Josslyn.

Ava walks into Charlie's. She sees Alexis eyeing Kim and Julian's flirty chat, and makes fun of Alexis. As Alexis is heading out, Ava asks Julian about the broken window, which piques Alexis' curiosity. She claims it's because Molly lives across the street and is worried about her.

Finn and Anna run into each other. They have an awkward conversation about saying goodbye and ending things before it got out of hand.

Carly talks to Kim about finding condoms and lays the blame on Oscar. Kim is less worried and is glad the kids have thought to use protection. The two decide they need to show a united front and talk to the kids.

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Maxie starts having pains and heads to the hospital. Lulu regrets putting her needs before Maxie's, but Peter reassures her. Spin shows up and gets upset with Lulu when he hears Maxie is hurt.

Felicia finds Anna working out her frustrations at the gym. The two discuss Faison and how Nathan's interview will bring him out of hiding. Anna tells Felicia the truth about her fake relationship with Finn. Felicia doesn't think Anna should have pushed him away. Anna says she's worried Finn will be a target.

Ava questions Julian about Alexis, but he says his ex has moved on. Ava wonders if he's moved on since she saw him flirting with Kim.

Alexis and Finn run into each other at an addiction meeting. Finn talks about losing his wife, then Hayden and the baby, and doesn't want to lose anyone else. Alexis talks about her own bad decisions and how those habits are hard to break.

Kim examines Maxie and clears her medically, but warns to keep the stress down.

Diane continues to yell at Jason about the divorce and how Sam will never be happy with Drew. (Shut up Diane.)

Jason gets a responding email from the traitor that talks about the ending of the book. He and Sonny wonder what that's about.