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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Gets Closer to His Goal on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard

Carly feels Joss and Oscar are rushing things and wants to have "the talk" with her daughter. When she mentions the condoms, Joss says they aren't hers and she's holding them for her friend.

Carly talks about her first time and how it wasn't special. She wants Joss to have a different experience. Joss tells her that she and Oscar are actually boycotting the upcoming school dance because of the new rule against those who don't identify with their gender. Carly's proud of her daughter for sticking up for others.

Across town, Kim sits for the sex talk with an uncomfortable Oscar. He swears nothing has happened with Joss and she reminds him they are too young. Oscar mentions the boxing lessons with Drew.

Michael gets the paternity results that prove that he's the baby daddy. All he wants is a happy, healthy baby. Nelle asks him to join her at her next prenatal visit and he agrees. Michael says he's concerned about her working for Ava. He warns Nelle that Ava is setting her up for something. Nelle says she has her eyes wide open when it comes to Ava.

Ava gets the final approval to go ahead with the surgery to fix the bad makeup job on her face, oh, I mean the remaining scars. She thanks Kiki and Griffin for helping her through it.

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Jake heads over to Aurora. He asks Drew to join him for the father/son day at school. Drew agrees. Liz shows up. Jake tells her he thought she would force him to take Jason, who's a stranger to him.

Liz explains to Jake she won't force Jason onto him until he's ready. She adds that he's lucky he has two dads who love him. Liz says Jason was taken from his life and Jake should try to get to know his father when he's ready.

Jason tells Sonny that Sinclair kills his father at the end of the book. The two continue their communication to try and draw him out. Sonny wants to kill Faison, but Jason wants answers first.

Sonny thinks Faison wanted his own soldier and since he couldn't have Jason, he turned Drew into him.

Kim storms into Drew's office. She goes off on him about the boxing lessons and accuses him of trying to turn Oscar into a SEAL. Drew says Oscar came to him so he could learn to fight to defend a friend.

Michael tells Jason about the paternity test, but worries about the baby. Jason says he has good instincts and will make a good father.

Sonny gets notice that Sinclair wants to meet.