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Perkie's Observations: Ava Has Her Surgery on General Hospital

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Maura West, Matt Cohen

Maura West, Matt Cohen

What a strange and unnecessary episode.

Before Ava heads to the hospital to have her surgery, she stops by Sonny's to see Avery. In typical dickish fashion, Sonny refuses and rubs her face in the fact that Carly is mothering their daughter. Ava is allowed to point out that she's no worse than either Carly or Sonny, and that his life is built on blood money.

At the hospital, Kiki and Griffin wish Ava luck before she goes under the knife.

While under anesthesia, Ava goes on a trip of self-discovery. Laura calls her out for selling out Spencer and Nikolas. Carly calls her ugly. Ava calls out Nina, who counters she's fully recovered from her crazy spell and Ava means nothing to her.

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Morgan shows up at Ava's apartment explaining he's been hospitalized all these months, but worries someone is still trying to kill him. Throughout her journey, Ava continues to receive texts from a mysterious person.

At an art show, Ava wants Morgan to make an announcement that he's alive. Morgan disappears and a bloody Connie (in the form of Megan Ward rather than Kelly Sullivan) appears. Connie accuses Ava of killing her in cold blood.

Ava declares there is good in her and she calls out everyone else, including Kiki, Carly, Sonny, and Nina. Throughout the dream, Ava continues to see a dark-haired girl, who again appears at the gallery.

The girl turns out to be a grown up Avery, who calls out her mother. Ava says her soul has been cleansed by fire and she's trying to have a fresh start. Ava refuses to be defined by her past.

Ava comes through the surgery.