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Perkie's Observations: Laura Opts Out of the Mayor's Race on General Hospital

Faison-a-likes invade Port Charles.
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Genie Francis, Wally Kurth

Genie Francis, Wally Kurth

*Anders Hove does not appear to be on set filming. However the character of Faison, which is really just a glimpse of a shaggy haired man who smokes, appears in today's episode.*

Ned asks Alexis to be his legal counsel for his campaign. She turns him down, saying she doesn't support his platform.

Laura tells Liz she needs to take a leave of absence from the hospital board in order to run for mayor. Talk turns to Jim Harvey and Laura's claims that he has no boundaries. Liz explains how Jim paid Franco a visit to buy the studio. Laura tells her to convince Franco not to sell.

Jim pays Franco a visit at his studio and mentions how all of his neighbors are going to be selling. Liz arrives and overhears. She tells Franco not to sell. Franco admits that he can't create in the space anymore, but Liz tells him to hold out.

Franco asks Jim if he remembers another child when he was with Betsy. Jim does, but remembers the child dying. Franco tells him Betsy lied and the child grew up to be a Quartermaine, which piques Jim's curiosity.

Maxie's still upset about the article outing Nathan, though he continues to point out it was his idea to flush out Faison. Lulu and Dante show up to help Naxie celebrate their first anniversary.

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Maxie accuses Lulu of trying to build her career. Lulu begs her forgiveness. The two make up. Lulu has left a gift for Maxie in the hallway. It's a baby bassinet. They see a man in the hallway who looks like Faison and the two freak out.

Dante and Nathan investigate, but it turns out the shaggy-haired man is the new super doing work in the hallway.

Molly and TJ get displaced from their apartment because of a gas leak. Laura arrives and says she spoke with the gas company. The building has been compromised and will likely be condemned.

Laura blames Ned. Alexis points out Jim is a big supporter of his campaign. Ned says he's trying to upgrade the neighborhood and make it safe. Laura says he's going to raise prices.

Julian bad-mouths Ned Quartermaine's background. Ned points out that Julian didn't rough it as a mobster's son. Laura has to break up a potential fight between them. Julian says he's committed to the neighborhood. Alexis tells TJ and Molly they're moving in with her.

Alexis offers Laura her services as legal counsel, which Laura accepts. Laura receives a distressing phone call and announces she's pulling out of the mayoral race.

Meanwhile, Faison buys cigars from a Port Charles smoke shop, indicating that he's already in town. He reads articles about the townspeople. He gets angry at Naxie's old wedding announcement.