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Abigail Makes a Shocking Discovery on Days of Our Lives

Thaao Penghlis, Marci Miller

Thaao Penghlis, Marci Miller

Abigail walks into Andre's office and finds him on the floor.

Hope and Rafe are in bed. She tells him she is planning their wedding. When Rafe professes his love, Hope put the papers aside to give him a proper morning greeting.

Kate is sitting in the DiMera living room. She and Chad look ragged from the previous night. Chad is concerned because Gabi's firing has already hit the Internet. They are pissed that Andre made the decision and wonder why he did it.

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Vivian tries to talk to a freshly-showered and barely-dressed Stefan. She claims they need to get their stories straight before it all hits the fan. Stefan is too concerned with business, which doesn't sit will with Vivian.

Abigail moves closer to Andre. She feels his for a pulse and realizes he's dead.

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