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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Is on High Alert for Faison on General Hospital

Alexis decides to run for mayor.
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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Liesl wakes up to an angry, screaming Faison at the Wyndemere stables. He accuses her of lying and keeping Nathan away from him all these years. Liesl says Nathan is good, unlike his father. Faison ties her up and heads out.

TJ tells Jordan the gas leak at their apartment was faked. Jordan assures him that Curtis is looking into it. Ned stops by to offer to pay for their meal, but Jordan declines.

Molly wants Alexis to run for mayor. Julian overhears and agrees she would be great. TJ shows up and tells them despite the fake gas leak, they've been padlocked out of their apartment.

Lulu complains to Peter about the boring cat story her editor wants her to tackle. She wants to do a follow-up on Faison. She thinks he's hiding out on Spoon Island. She believes the story would boost circulation and wants the chance to explore Wyndemere. Peter tells her to do it on her own time.

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Anna updates the PCPD about Faison and explains he has another son. Anna heads over to see Peter and says she wants a follow-up story to flush out Faison. Anna wants to set a trap, but Peter disagrees because he doesn't want to compromise ethics.

Peter explains to her that he needs proof. He wants Anna to reveal her source, but she refuses. Anna feels this is about public safety. Peter declines to run another story.

Ned stops by the bar to let everyone know he's going to create a special commission to oversee the renovation. He wants Alexis to be the chair. He feels the renovations will benefit the city.

Alexis says she knows the plans include a large arena and doesn't believe that's what the neighborhood needs. Ned thinks his plans will revitalize the neighborhood. Alexis announces she's going to run for mayor.

Lulu snoops around the stables and stumbles across Liesl. She can't untie her, so she calls Dante. Faison returns and warns Lulu that she should have stayed out it. He wonders what he should do with her now.