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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Drew Get Married on General Hospital

Anna tries to keep Sonny out of Faison's business.
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Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Alexis, Molly, Curtis, and Jordan show up for Sam and Drew's wedding. However, Jordan gets called away. Monica arrives, which means a lot to Drew. She tells Drew she'd like to legally adopt him so he's part of the family. The two share a hug.

Drew and Sam say their vows, then exchange rings. The Justice of the Peace pronounces them husband and wife.

Elsewhere in town, Sonny wants to use Heinrich as bait to bring Faison into the open. Anna feels it would start a war that could potentially put innocent people in the crossfire. Anna says the son could be innocent, but Sonny says he's responsible for sending Klein and his goons after Jason.

Sonny tells her they have been corresponding via email and Anna makes note of the address. Later, she calls Robert and tells him to divert all of the emails to her.

Ned apologizes to Laura for letting the mayoral race get nasty. He says he wants a clean race. Laura says it doesn't matter because she's dropping out. She explains what happened to Spencer.

Laura says she'll endorse Ned if he promises to put tight limits on the renovation of Charles Street. Ned claims it's something he can't guarantee. Laura tells him to declare the older buildings historical landmarks, but he can't make any promises.

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Spinelli finds Jason on the bridge. He encourages him to stop the DreAm wedding. Spin claims he knows what Sam's feeling and what she wants. (I tell Spin to shut it, but he never listens to me. Otherwise, he would have thrown himself off the bridge years ago.)

Jason says Sam loves Drew. Spin wants Sam saved from the terrible mistake she's making by marrying the stable man who isn't a mob killer. Spin explains that Jason treated Sam with respect, while Drew doesn't. Jason says Drew is an upstanding citizen, which he isn't. Spin waves the comment away with his hand (like the tool that he is). Jason tells him to leave it alone.

Michael's late for the prenatal exam, but Nelle has the sonogram photo to show him. Carly and Bobbie come upon them and Nelle is quick to show them the photo. Michael informs them the paternity test came back positive.

Michael heads over to Sonny's to let him know about the paternity test results. Sonny says the baby comes first. He promises that no matter what happens with Nelle, he will always love Michael.

Carly and Bobbie run into Nelle again at the Metro Court. Carly reminds her the only connection to Michael is the baby. Carly is not happy to find out Nelle is there to have lunch with Monica. Monica wants them all to get along, but Bobbie warns her against Nelle.

Anna gets home and sees her front door is open, and finds Jordan inside. Jordan says her neighbors heard a kerfuffle, so they called the police. Anna tells her about drunk Obrecht and assumes she was the disturbance.

Faison tosses Liesl in a barn (are there really any of those around town?). She wakes up and is scared to see Faison standing over her.

Laura tells Alexis she wants her to run for mayor against Ned.