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Perkie's Observations: Faison Wants Intel from Liesl on General Hospital

Anna goes to Sonny for help.
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Anders Hove, Kathleen Gati

Anders Hove, Kathleen Gati

Faison's not happy with Lulu and Liesl. Lulu says she can set up a meeting with Nathan. Liesl lets it slip there's a grandchild on the way, which piques Faison's interest. Liesl says Anna would never forgive him if he hurt Lulu. Faison says Anna betrayed him before and he no longer feels anything for her.

Liesl tells him Anna has found love with Dr. Finn, which interests Faison. He leaves the women locked up in the stable with a canister of deadly gas.

Jason tells Sonny (according to Spinelli) the emails from Sinclair are being intercepted. Anna arrives to tell the boys to back off Sinclair. She admits she intercepted the emails. Jason doesn't understand why she would care what happens to Heinrich. Anna says she understands the hell he's been through.

Jason wants to use Heinrich to draw out Faison. Anna counters Faison will kill his son for betraying him, and Sinclair was the one who kept Jason alive. Sonny decides Faison needs to go though Anna and doesn't want it to be at the expense of his son.

Felicia meets with Finn and tells him he and Anna are in love with each other. She thinks they need to smarten up and admit it. Finn denies it at first, but Felicia says he'll lose Anna if he doesn't man up.

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Nathan tells Maxie he has a half brother who was raised by Faison, but they hate each other. Nathan gets an update that Liesl hasn't been seen since yesterday.

Anna gets an email to meet with Heinrich tonight. Jason and Sonny say they'll be there despite Anna's concerns. Jason promises to protect the son, but Sonny has plans to take out Faison. Anna says Heinrich will lower his guard if she's there.

Finn heads over to Anna's and sends her a text to meet him there. Faison shows up and holds a gun on Finn. He introduces himself. Finn claims he's never heard of Faison from Anna. This upsets Faison, who declares Anna will be his eventually. Finn says he's out of Anna's league and then grabs for the gun.

Liesl is angry with Lulu for setting this whole thing in motion. Lulu's trying to find a hidden passage out of the stable. She reminds her Nathan agreed to the article. Liesl says she kept Nathan away from his father for a reason and now they will die.

The canister starts to release the gas.

Anna gets home and sees one of Faison's cigars in the snow. She pulls her gun and goes in. She finds Faison holding a gun on Finn. (Someone needs to explain to me why she didn't immediately shoot Faison in the head.)