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Roman Demands the Truth from Anna on Days of Our Lives

Josh Taylor, Leann Hunley

Josh Taylor, Leann Hunley

Steve, Kayla, and John are getting their day-drank on with shots at Doug's Place. John encourages Steve to keep going. Steve asks Kayla if the booze is causing his symptoms. She tells him to get glasses to see if that helps. John is at the bar waiting on the next round. After it arrives, he opens a vial and pours something into Steve's shot.

Will is moving into the Martin house. Paul is concerned about how Sonny will react.

Brady is questioning why Sonny cares about Andre. Sonny clarifies he cares that someone bashed his head in and no one knows who did it. Sonny asks Brady and Eve if they know anything. When they deny any knowledge, Sonny accuses them of lying.

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Roman comes to visit Anna at the police station. She tells him Rafe is determined to pin Andre's murder on her. Roman wants her to tell him the truth.

Hope tells Rafe she can't see anyone else being Andre's killer if it turns out Tony's urn is the murder weapon.

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