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Perkie's Observations: Liz Offers Up Franco to Kevin on General Hospital

Maxie gets closer to danger.
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Rebecca Herbst, Jon Lindstrom

Rebecca Herbst, Jon Lindstrom

Anna's forced to drop her gun in order to protect Finn from Faison. Faison gets all creepy with her. Anna says she thought he was done with her when she left him in the Wyndemere pit. Faison says he'll never be done with her and wonders what he should do about Finn. Anna says she'll deal with Finn and knocks him out to protect him.

Anna's tired of playing this game and calls Faison an evil old man. She says he'll never get what he wants from her despite the claims that Faison wants them together.

Ava finds Franco ruminating over the lack of guests for his side of the wedding. He only has Kiki and Scott, so Ava offers herself up. She tells him they've both changed and need to move forward and be happy. She believes in second chances.

Kiki tells Griffin that Dillon broke up with her because he found another woman. Kiki blames herself for putting school first, but Griffin doesn't agree. Griffin tells her he saw her MCAT scores, which were good enough to get her into medical school.

Maxie's still not happy having round the clock police protection. Amy arrives, surprised to find a guard at the door. Amy tells Maxie she sold the production rights of Man Landers and she wants to share the proceeds with her and Nathan. It will be a trust fund for the baby.

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Peter stops by the station. He gives Dante and Nathan a flash drive that contains possible Faison sightings called in to a tip line. There are also letters to Nathan about being Faison's son.

Kevin tells Liz he's writing a paper on the correlation between medical issues and mental health. Liz feels Franco would be the perfect subject since (say it with me) the tumor made him do it.

Liz wants to prove Franco wasn't responsible for his bad deeds because he's a good man. She wants everyone, namely Jason, to see him the way she does. When the two pitch the idea to Franco, he's less than interested.

Franco says removing the tumor didn't change all the bad things that he's done. He says there's still a hole in him that only Liz can fill.

Dante gets a call that Faison was sighted near Anna's and takes off. When Faison hears the sirens, he leaves. Anna helps Finn recover. Finn realizes that she saved his life once again.

Faison ends up at Crimson holding a gun on Peter, blaming him for exposing him in the paper.

Maxie heads over to Crimson to deal with an issue. Faison knocks out her police escort and is ready for her.